Computer and Network Security

I'd been asked, at work, to provide one last presentation on computer and network security (I left for greener pastures). It isn't as easy as it sounds. What do you talk about, in an hour, when you have a bunch of expectant faces, all hoping for the holy grail, or at least entertainment? No one wants to hear about how to write a Security Plan, or what the sections of DCID 6/3 are, or an enumeration of the responsibilities of an Information Systems Security Officer.

What they really want is to be entertained...maybe a little scared, but not too much.This was originally powerpoint, which is not my favorite, but I removed it. I've left the html version.. I really find that powerpoint (or any approximation of it) reduces the actual information presented, or understood. I also wrote a white paper that put some meat on the bones.

Etaoin Shrdlu
Last modified: Wed Jan 17 03:46:47 CST 2007